Clinica is a product conceptualization that allows users to access and view their biometric health data tests with just a sample of saliva and have it sent directly to their phone.

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The development of Clinica places emphasis on the user and their ability to have access to their health. Often, users don't have the ability to harmlessly collect, easily monitor, and understand biometric data that relates to their internal systems; such as glucose, calcium, and proteins. With Clinica, I hope to counter that.

How I did it.

The development of the Clinica device was rendered entirely in Adobe Photoshop.Creation of the Clinica interface was designed in Adobe XD. User testing was conducted in groups of randomly selected user testers. Qualitative interview data was gathered from their post testing.


My research for the application and use of a device focused primarily on ways to collect biometric data. I didn’t want to collect blood samples, like most other devices, because I felt that pain was something that had to be reduced when dealing with the development and friendliness of healthcare; so I instead branched into saliva and urine sample collections. A lot of the methods that I found for reading biometric data from saliva and urine are actually quite practical and have accurate results in lab testings. Therefore, I decided to focus on the practicality of the device and saliva.

Sketches of the actual interface were storyboarded. I attempted to devise a system of navigation that was simple and easy to both navigate and read. I found that color coding the biometric data and the graphs were a definite improvement for users to see and associate colors with different types of data.

Why I did it.

The Clinica project was important to me because of the access that I would like people to have to their own personal health information. People do not always have the ability to easily access their health data and don’t always have the ability to gain the access to a physician or healthcare provider. The Clinica Project conceptually counters that.

Case Study/Market Research.

Market Research and case studies for the conception, development, and reflection of the Clinica Project were also created. To access, download below:

Case Study

Web Design Collateral.

After the completion of Clinica, a landing page style webpage was built to advertise the Clinica product and the dowloading experience. The web design was built to simulate what consumers would experience when wanting to research or find out more information about the app and product. The website was built using the Bootstrap framework. Multiple libraries and javascript animations were used; such as W3 Library, Font Awesome, JQuery, Swinch.js. To view the website, visit the button below or click the website preview image:

Clinica Website

Updated: December 2018