ThePoly-Kroma Motion Graphic is a motion graphic sequence that is played above the Kellogg University Art Gallery's Poly-Kroma Exhibit & is also distributed across various mediums in video format.

Poly-Kroma Motion Graphic

The Poly-Kroma Motion Graphic was designed to be used as a title wall sequence for the Kellogg University Art Gallery's yearly Poly-Kroma Exhibit. The design of the sequence was adapted to multiple mediums, such as web and various social media platforms.

The design of the sequence was a collaborative effort between other designers who were simultaneously developing the brand of the exhibit.


The production of this sequence was done in Adobe After Effects and rendered out for various mediums. At the core of the project was the idea that assets could be placed in a 2.5D environment and rendered to simulate the effects of 'floatation' and 'lightness'.


Specific tools and hardware used to achieve these results/methods were done with:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects, Programmable Expressions

Adobe Media Encoder


Daniel Aley

Darleen Ralota


1920px x 1080px

600px x 400px

5'x 3' - Title Wall

Updated: April 2019