CycleAR is an augmented reality product conceptualization that allows users to access and view navigation information and cycling data via "smart glasses".

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The development of CycleAR allows users to access and view navigation information and visuals in an easy manner that is available across multiple mediums, specifically for urban transportation and cycling.

How I did it.

The development of the CycleAR concept was designed & rendered in Adobe After Effects and prototyped in Adobe XD. Iconograpghy was designed in Adobe Illustrator. User testing was conducted in groups of randomly selected user testers. Qualitative interview data was gathered from their post testing.


My research for the application of the CycleAR experience was mainly based off of my own understanding of riding and navigating with a bicycle.

When using a device with my bicycle, such as my phone or smart watch, I often found there to be an imbalance in having to use the two devices while riding. Often times when using, for instance, a smart watch while riding, I found that there were times that I was able to safely glance at my watch and other times were I was unable to do so; I as the user of the devices had to stay alert of my surroundings and potential hazards, while navigating the bicycle. This imbalance in visually allowing myself to look at a device while riding a bicycle influenced my decision in integrating the bicycle riding experience into augmented reality.

The use of a phone while riding a bicycle is also quite cumbersome. Often times is is hard to even use a phone, especially when there is so much visual information to process on a device. To ease my pain in navigation while riding, I had to stick to using the basic maps application, which did help, although I was still distracted when using a phone and riding a bicycle.

Thus, a solution had be be developed.

Why I did it.

The CycleAR project was important to me because of the augmentation of reality that people can have when riding their bicycles. People do not always have the ability to safely access this information while riding a bicycle. The CycleAR Project conceptually counters that and can save users/cyclists time and their lives.

Updated: January 2019