Anew is a application prototype that focuses on financial microinvesting & the abilty to donate portions of what users invest to charity organizations.

clinica device clinica device

Anew: Microinvesting

The development of my Anew application focuses on financial technology, investing, and charitable social services.

I wanted to design a product that gave users the ability to donate to organizations while also investing in themselves financially.

Design Objectives

  • Design an easy method of investing that was not already on the app store or available in other services.
  • Develop a business model that would increase both personal wealth and emotional well being of targeted & segmented users in the app market.

  • Interesting Features

    With Anew, I introduced a “round-off” feature, that will invest your spare change for you, automatically. Users of the application no longer have to worry about investing large sums of money at once. Instead, it is a simple rounded number completed from previous purchases on your card; Such as when a user purchases a cup of coffee.

    Also, I designed a low risk concept of portfolio themed investing, that way users can select a pre made portfolio, and start investing their spare change.


    Specific tools and hardware used to achieve these results/methods were done with:

    Adobe Xd

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Dreamweaver/Atom : Web Design Component

    Web Design Collateral

    After the completion of Clinica, a landing page style webpage was built to advertise Anew and the product features. The web design was built to simulate what consumers would experience when wanting to research or find out more information about the app and product. The website was built using the Bootstrap framework. Multiple libraries and javascript animations were used; such as W3 Library, Font Awesome, JQuery, Swinch.js.

    To view the website, click the button below:

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    Updated: April 2019